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Useful Documents to Download

2023 application dates:

  • 10th March - Application deadline

  • 17th April - Interview confirmations & invitations sent

  • 25th April - St. Johns interviews

  • 27th April - Marlborough College interviews

The following will be taken into account when considering your application:

  • The challenge which the project might present to a particular student

  • The project duration

  • The 'giving' element

  • The input of the student into the project organisation

  • The fundraising plans

  • Whether the grant is to be given to an individual or to a group

  • You should fill in the application form, giving all the detail required, and bearing in mind that the Selection Committee will take quality of presentation into account.

  • The Selection Committee will be looking for evidence of enterprise and originality; therefore you should make clear in your application to what extent the proposed project has resulted from your own initiative, as opposed to, for example, simply applying for a standard, organised gap year activity.

  • Please give an outline of personal research and planning wherever possible, rather than simply including a copied set of details from organising bodies.

  • You should include details as far as possible of: (a) costings of the activity, and (b) proposals for meeting those costs.

  • Other efforts at fundraising and any applications to other grant-giving bodies should be mentioned under (b).

  • Please set out clearly the dates of the proposed enterprise as far as possible.

  • The Members of the Selection Committee are positively influenced by applicants’ awareness of the interests and achievements of G Kempson and Rupert Rosedale.

  • ​If you have followed all the guidelines above, you will find that the interview itself is a friendly and informal occasion!

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