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Wildlife Conservation in Nepal

A gap year can prepare you mentally and physically by helping you improve life skills such as time management, communication and meeting new people.

The volunteers you meet are always friendly and easy to get to know. The memories and adventures you share together help you create life-long friendships and stories you can tell others in years to come. Some unforgettable experiences I shared are Everest Base Camp, visiting the Birthplace of The Buddha and Chitwan national park, climbing Annapurna Base Camp, bathing in natural hot springs, rock climbing and mountain biking around Kathmandu valley. I also got to experience traditional festivals such as Holi, Nepali New Year and Diwali, which were all fantastic.

A gap year can help you realise what you want to achieve in life or go on to study. An Egyptian friend once said ‘I’m not looking for a job, I’m looking for a purpose’.


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