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Thriving Through Venture in The Gambia

The Gunjur - Gambia. 7 - 21 August

In the summer of 2018, the Kempson Rosedale Enterprise Trust helped me reach my goal, my goal was to experience a community unlike mine, and to offer teachings within.

On arrival to the small village of Gunjur, I was apprehensive; I soon discovered how unnecessary this feeling was. I was welcomed by so many smiling faces whom were just as excited to learn about my life and I was about theirs.

Over the course of my stay, a genuine deep bond grew between myself and the people of the community, one that will never leave.

Even now, months later I am still in daily contact with some of my new brothers in The Gambia. The whole trip gave me a sense of real family and belonging and a confidence that could not simply be learnt. I will return to The Gambia one day, and I cannot wait!

Thank you so much for making this possible, You have helped me have a life changing experience that will remain in me forever.

A link to all of the project work we accomplished in The Gambia is here:


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